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The aim of the project is to use public infrastructure as a projection screen to animate the community with art. The City of Salt Lake City, Utah, and the University of Missouri - St. Louis plans to commission an experimental installation to promote public understanding of the visual arts and improve the quality of public spaces. We announce a list of experienced artists residing in the USA, Canada and Mexico, with a focus on visual arts and public art in public spaces. This list of artists serves as a resource for the selection of works of art in a public selection process.

We are not liable for any electronic files that are delayed or lost, although we take reasonable care to send them to you as soon as possible. Electronic devices such as mobile phones, tablets and computers are not eligible for this project.

California and US artists are invited to submit their qualifications for inclusion on the Sacramento Artists List. If you live in California, the United States or the United States of America, you must live at least 50 miles from Sacramento, California.

To apply, please click here for Qualifications and Support Services, or here to apply for the Sacramento Artists List and Lehi Utah Art Program. The application for the permit calls for the art to be located in the new public parking structure on the west side of the city of Sacramento, California, just north of Interstate 5. This creates the possibility for public art in public spaces, such as a parking lot or a parking garage.

The campus is a fast-growing commercial development in Utah County's Silicon Slopes, home to the University of Utah College of Engineering and Utah State University campus. The campus, which has a population of more than 2,000 students, is connected to Utah County and Salt Lake County by a 1.5-mile stretch of Interstate 5 that runs through the southwest corner of the site. Selected parts will be installed in the rain over a one-year period - surrounded by Webster Lake near Northglenn, Colorado, and in a parking garage on the west side of Webster Park in Lehi, Utah, north of I-5.

Big Fish, "which will be performed at the Lehi Arts Council Center for the Performing Arts in fall 2015, and" Play the Big Fish "at the University of Utah College of Engineering in Utah City.

The Utah Humanities and Arts employs 112,000 Utahns and provides more than $1.5 billion annually to the state's arts and humanities programs. Regional artists living in Lehi, Utah, Salt Lake City and other Utah cities were invited to propose medium-sized conceptual sculptures. This year's event attracted 583 artists and 160 were selected, the Utah Arts Council said.

At his urging, Harwood was born in Utah in 1888, travelled to France and studied art in Paris. In the next years he spent his time between Lehi and Paris, where he returned again and again to refreshing experiences. Adobe stood out so much that it was not surprising that it founded a unique business unit called Behance in 2006.

In the 1970s, Harwood quit the University of Utah to spend more time painting and took his family to Paris, where he painted, made prints and participated in an exhibition. The exhibition had a lasting impact on his son, who tragically fell victim to a suicide attempt at the age of 23 in the early 1990s. Volz wants to give the state of Utah a second screen so that local politicians can see and remember the conversation that is taking place.

Public art at KCI was designed to reflect the diverse demographics of the city and welcome travelers of all backgrounds to experience art in an inclusive environment. This means that there could be a wide range of artists, from local artists to artists from all over the world. The Arts in Public Places program is administered by the Sacramento Office of Arts and Culture for the City of Sacramento. Public art programs are optionally designed for use in public spaces such as schools, parks, libraries, museums and public buildings.

The programme aims to improve the local environment and promote understanding and enjoyment of public art by inviting artists to temporarily exhibit selected works in selected areas. The Arts for Healing program seeks artists and their teams to artfully beautify public spaces such as schools, parks, libraries, museums and public buildings. There is a wide range of artists from all over the world, as well as local and international artists.

The Ehninger are very involved in the creative community of Utah and are always looking for opportunities to volunteer and support the arts and culture of Utah. The Utah Artists for Adobe program is a great way for the world to respond to the content we create to inspire us to continue to be creative. Adobe is known for its creative and creative art programs and the magnificent building in Lehi's foothills.

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More About Lehi